Major Shift in Anglican Church Regarding Children, Baptism, and Communion

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View this post on Instagram A post shared by CBC News Barbados (@cbcnewsbarbados) There has been a major shift regarding who can now participate in a centuries-old Anglican ritual—that of communion, symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the remission of sin. Today, Anglican Bishop of Barbados, Michael Maxwell, confirmed that from … Read More

Forgiven or Not Forgiven? That is the Question

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If you don’t watch sports–you’re forgiven. Most modern professional sports offer many of the rest of us an outlet to relieve the stress we accumulate on a daily basis. The technology brought to the game today allows us to watch our favorite teams in the kind of high-definition video that immerses us even further into the competitive atmosphere. It is … Read More

Six Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus

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In case you were stuck in a Sam Lord’s Castle bus trying to pass through Oistins on a Friday night, another Easter Sunday just happened—actually, about… a week ago (apparently you’ve got to be careful saying that phrase around young people now—even in church). Granny elects to wake you up from your Sunday morning snooze-a-thon because she needs you to … Read More

25 Quotes from the Screwtape Letters

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The Screwtape Letters

The following 25 Screwtape Letters quotes provide an insightful summary of The Screwtape Letters Play by Max McLean: A healthy dose of “real life”…was enough to show him that all “that sort of thing” just couldn’t be true (p. 4) One of our great allies at present is the Church itself. Do not misunderstand me. I do not mean the … Read More

Three Thoughts from The Screwtape Letters

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The Screwtape Letters Front Cover

The Screwtape Letters is a classic work from C. S. Lewis, author of the popular Chronicles of Narnia series. Being a classic—I haven’t actually read it all yet. But, I’ve seen the play—twice! (I hope that counts for something.) I am, of course, referring to masterful theatrical adaptation produced and directed by Max McLean. I was blown away the first … Read More

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